Sailor Spotlight: 3rd Grade Mrs. Sperber 3Doodler Pens

student using 3doodler pen
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Students in Mrs. Sperber's third grade class use 3Doodle pens to create 3D models of bees and flowers. 

The third graders at Bay Harbor used 3Doodlers to create bees and flowers to go along with their plant unit. All third graders researched bees and flowers. Then students used 3Doodler pens to create them. It was a little challenging to make them but everyone problem solved and worked through it. Once they were completed students made a PicCollage where they labeled the parts of the bee and flowers. We all were grateful to get to try the 3Doodler pens. It was a fun way to learn about flowers and bees.


Written By: Elsie Meyer and Colton Caelwaerts

student showing work
3doodle pen bee