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Students at Bay Harbor spread kindness in December and reach a sweet goal!

At Bay Harbor we decided to Begin With the End in Mind and set a school-wide goal to complete 300 acts of kindness before the holiday! A smile, a hug, a phone call, a letter, a kind act of service to show that you care. Kindness can be the greatest gift of let's help spread it! This made me so happy to complete and help with. 

The paper trees were in the main entrance and we could keep track of our progress. We recorded our acts of kindness on the paper ornament and brought it to school. Then we hung them on one of the kindness trees. It was really awesome to see everyone's kindness and looked great in our hallways! We reached our goal! 

Happy Holidays! Written by: Annabel P.

Kindness tree ornament
ornament on kindness tree